Water & Sewer Utility

Our History

The City of Woodstock has been committed to providing water to its residents for over 80 years. The earliest known public water service by the city began with a well and a few hundred feet of pipe installed for providing water to the train depot and a church in what is now the downtown area of Woodstock. Over time with the growth of the metro Atlanta region, and likewise the Cherokee County and Woodstock area, the need for water has grown exponentially since those humble beginnings. The need for fire services water, water for consumption in our homes and businesses, water for waste removal, water for fire protection, water for landscape and plant irrigation, and countless other needs for water has in time resulted in a large and complex water supply and sewer removal system. 

Our Mission

The Water & Sewer Utility is responsible for the following:
  • Supplying water to residential and commercial customers.
  • Maintaining pump stations, water lines, and sewer lines which service the system.
  • Providing a continual flow of quality water to the residents and businesses of Woodstock.
  • Meeting or exceeding local, state, and federal requirements with our water product.
  • Providing an accurate, timely, responsive and friendly billing process to our customers.

What We Do

The City has committed a significant amount of resources to the provision of a water and sewer system to its citizens. Since its beginning, there has always been a group of city employees dedicated to the maintenance of this system, and as a functioning provider of water the city has always had a billing office to interface with the water system customers. In 2012, for the purposes of providing the customers of the water system with the best service, the City of Woodstock officially combined all of these services into one Water & Sewer Utility. The Water & Sewer Utility is overseen by the Public Works Department and consists of two divisions: Water & Sewer Maintenance and Utility Billing. Both of these divisions work hand in hand to service the system, provide important information from field to office and office to field, and to ultimately provide knowledgeable, helpful, friendly, and excellent customer service while providing clean, healthy water to our customers.