Utility Billing

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ARE YOU VISITING OUR OFFICES? This is what we look like. We are located in the lower left hand corner of the City Annex at 12453 Hwy 92
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The City of Woodstock Utility Billing Division provides water and sewer billing to approximately 5800 of the City’s residential and commercial customers. An application for water service must be completed and a deposit paid before service will be established.  

Connection of Water Service

To begin water service with the City of Woodstock, it is necessary to submit an application for service.

Please click the link below to fill out and submit the Service Application electronically. Along with the application, please upload a copy of the account holders valid photo ID (upload option is at the bottom of the electronic form). If renting, please also upload a copy of the first page and signature page of the signed rental agreement. Once the application is submitted, a customer service representative will contact the customer for the required deposit. 

Water Service Connection Form

Water Service Termination

If you are moving out of the City of Woodstock and no longer need water service, please click the link below to fill out and submit the Service Termination Form electronically

Termination of Water Service Form


Monthly readings are taken around the 1st of each month and bills are mailed around the 10th of the month. The due date is the 30th of each month. 

Property Owner's Responsibility: Lines & Leaks

The City of Woodstock maintains the public infrastructure of water mains, water meters, and the water services that extend from the water main to the water meter. From that point, the property owner has responsibility for private water lines extending from the meter to the structure whether it is residential or commercial, and is therefore responsible for any leaks or other maintenance issues between the meter and the structure. The property owner is also responsible for any leaks inside the structure. The City has provided a few helpful guides that may assist in troubleshooting possible leaks or other issues with your water system. Please consult these links located on the right hand column of this page. 


Water & Sewer Maintenance

For information regarding the City's maintenance of the public water and sewer systems please visit the Water & Sewer Maintenance division.

Water Restrictions

Use this link to read more about the current water use restrictions.

Water Efficiency Programs

The City of Woodstock participates in the Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning Districts' Toilet Rebate Program. Please click the link below to find out more information about this program.