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2019 Christmas Jubilee Parade Application

  1. Event Information:

    Kick off the holiday season with our 23rd Annual Christmas Jubilee Parade of Lights! December 7, 2019 5:30 – 9:30 pm, The Park at City Center. Parade starts at 5:30 pm. Parade line up will begin at 3:00 pm and end at 5:00 pm. The parade route starts at Woodstock Elementary School on Rope Mill Rd. and travels down Main St. to Sam’s Club at Hwy. 92. By starting the parade as darkness falls, we can “Light up the Town”! Plan on decorating your parade entry with the brightest lights, glow sticks, flashlights, etc. that your imagination can muster! Visits with Santa in the park after the parade! Mayor and Santa will flip the switch to light The Park and Christmas Tree! Announcement of winners for the Best Holiday, Most Original, People’s Choice, and the History & Heritage award for the float best representing Woodstock! Music by Ronnie the DJ and free inflatables by Colby Family Chiropractic and Chrisally Events! Enjoy free cupcake decorating, hot apple cider, and hot chocolate! Children’s crafts, activities, games, and inflatables! Preservation Woodstock awards its Citizen of the Year! Lots of food and special holiday vendors!

  2. Parade Rules and Code of Conduct:

    Please work with us to keep the parade as enjoyable and fair as possible for everyone, and to keep the parade true to its original intent – to allow the entire community to participate in a city-wide event that delights both children and adults. If we all keep in mind that the primary audience is children, we know we will have a great parade! APPLICANTS: MUST submit an application by the deadline of 11-25-19. No day of event drop-ins. MUST submit signed Release of Claims form attached to application. You will receive an e-mail confirmation of acceptance. We have a limited number of spots available for the parade, please send your application in early. Once we reach that number, we will no longer be able to accept applications. Residents and Businesses within the city limits of Woodstock will be given priority. If you must cancel, let us know ASAP so we can accept the applications on the waiting list. Failure to notify us of a cancellation will automatically put you on the waiting list for the next parade. The City of Woodstock reserves the right to refuse an entry into the parade if, in its sole judgment, it determines that the entry is controversial, unlawful, obscene, vulgar, defamatory, offensive to local community standards, or otherwise considered to be inconsistent with the standards, theme, quality, or purposes of the parade. Entries who are denied entry may appeal the decision of staff to the Mayor and Council. Conduct on the part of any unit or individual that may embarrass the City of Woodstock will be cause for immediate removal from the parade by parade officials. Participants are responsible for maintaining order and responding to any order by parade officials or law enforcement personnel relating to their entry. Failure to comply will eliminate participation of the entry. Parade entries agree to abide by all rules, instructions and decisions made by parade officials or law enforcement personnel. Failure to abide by rules, instructions and decisions are grounds for removal from the parade. It is the responsibility of each entry sponsor to ensure that every entry participant is aware of and agrees to comply with these rules. Each entry participant must be made aware that they must follow the instructions and directives they receive from parade officials and law enforcement officers. Parade entries who fail to follow these rules will lose the opportunity to participate in the parade and may be asked to leave. Flagrant violations of these rules may prevent future participation by that organization and/or individuals involved. Failure to follow the directions received from parade officials will be considered a flagrant violation of the Parade Rules. VEHICLES: Motor vehicle operators in parade must hold a valid operator’s license. This includes golf carts, lawn mowers, or other motorized vehicles. Keep Moving - Drive at a slow and steady pace. No stopping the parade. Parade participants shall not operate unit at a speed or in such a manner that unreasonably endangers the safety of occupants, spectators, or other participants. Parade participants will not engage in behavior that unreasonably endangers the safety of any person at the event. This includes riding on or clinging to a parade unit in a manner likely to cause injury.

  3. Important for Christmas Jubilee Parade:

    Entries, including walkers, MUST be LIT UP to enter parade. Do not dress as Santa. Santa hats are allowed. Be careful of the kids, use glow necklaces or flashlights. No headlights, running lights only!

  4. Parade Line Up:

    First come, first served. No reserving or changing spots. Do not enter line up area prior to 3:00 pm. All entries will be limited to ONE decorated vehicle pulling a float, no sharing applications. Your second vehicle will be turned away. Contact us if you have a special condition requiring an extra vehicle. NO decorating in the lineup area. Use the church across the street or the parking lot behind the school to decorate. Join parade lineup when you are ready. There will be no drop offs whatsoever in the parade lineup parking lot. Make arrangements prior to arrival. This includes riders, decorations, ice, water, and candy. No exceptions! Bring Parade Announcement Form. Leave on your dashboard. We will pick up from you and give you an assigned number that will be posted on your driver’s side bumper with blue painter’s tape. If you do not have a vehicle, please flash your number to the Judges at the Grand Stand so they can announce your entry. If your form is not ready, we will not wait and will just list the name of your float. One entry per announcement form, please.

  5. End of Parade:

    Passenger Drop Off Unload passengers at the parking lot behind Sam’s Club. Parking lot will be extremely crowded, use caution. Not Unloading – If safe to do so, continue to drive straight down Hwy 5/Main St. or to Hwy. 92. to reach your destination.

  6. General Rules:

    For safety reasons, alcoholic beverages are not allowed to be consumed at any time by parade entries during the parade. Any participant believed to be under the influence of any intoxicating or impairing substance will not be allowed to participate in the parade. Have help from the vehicle or float if you need to refill your handouts, especially water bottles, fans, etc. so as not to slow down the progress of the parade. All unmanned aerial systems, UAV’s, drones or other flying devices are strictly prohibited during the event. No throwing confetti, streamers, bouncing balls, or Frisbees. Candy: Please do not whip candy from the floats into the crowds. Preferably, walkers should hand candy to children on the side of the road. Please do not have kids drop candy from float. Consider small toys and trinkets instead. Parents/guardians are responsible for the safety of their children. Please, children under age 6 should not walk the parade. Children participating in the parade must be under the supervision and direction of a responsible adult at all times. All entries, in which children are to be a part, are to be made by an adult, who assumes, by virtue of placing the entry, full responsibility for the safety and action of the children participating in their unit. We accept applications of Politicians that serve Woodstock and/or Cherokee County ONLY. Entries whose sole purpose is to advocate for a particular candidate, political party, or religious belief, must do so in a positive manner which would not disparage any other entry, political party, candidate, or religious belief. Any entry that violates this rule is subject to removal from the parade. No individual or group of individuals may use the parade as a forum to display or distribute materials or voice or transmit audio materials in support for or against theirs or another’s situation, policy, political, or social position. The City of Woodstock’s parades are not partisan. The City has determined there are adequate venues for public demonstration and protests and that active civil disobedience during the parade would be detrimental to the goals and purposes of the event. Entries who are denied entry may appeal the decision of staff to the Mayor and Council. Fire Extinguisher: All floats with a generator must have a fire extinguisher on the float with them. Horses must have a parade diaper or someone behind them to clean up “accidents” Do not stop the parade to allow the petting of horses. All animal units must be registered by parade application. Participants must provide street cleaning services following horses and dogs in assembly areas and along the parade route. Caged animals and/or animals on a leash deemed dangerous to the public are not permitted. Bring bottled water and dress with weather conditions in mind. Holiday music is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED!!! Play it Loud!!! Decorations: Float and/or vehicle must be DECORATED, or they cannot participate. Decorations are REQUIRED in keeping with the spirit of a parade. Please don’t enter a vehicle with just a flag or a Santa hat and no other decoration. Vehicles that are not fully decorated add nothing to enjoyment of the parade. The only exceptions to this rule are antique vehicles. While decorating, please be aware, we have received phone calls from people complaining that they did not come to the parade to watch a commercial. We love to support our local businesses, but please, keep your parade entry festive! All entries must be suitable for family audience.

  7. Rules Acknowledgement:*

    I acknowledge receipt of the Parade Rules and confirm that I have read them thoroughly. Acknowledgement of the Parade Rules includes an agreement of compliance.

  8. 2019 Christmas Jubilee Parade: Deadline 11-25-2019

  9. With:*

  10. Walkers and Riders:

    You must get instructions to them prior to the parade. No drop offs at front of school.

  11. Line up Times:

    Line up between 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm. Parade will start at 5:30 pm.

  12. Very Important:

    This Release of All Claims must be signed and returned with the parade application, in order to be allowed to participate in the event.

  13. City of Woodstock, Georgia Release of All Claims:

    This indenture witnesseth that in return for the City of Woodstock’s allowing the undersigned to participate in any City Event, the undersigned hereby acknowledges that he/she is aware of the nature of the activity and the potential for physical injury associated with the activity. Nonetheless, in return for the City’s accord and satisfaction, for the undersigned, my heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, I forever release and discharge the City of Woodstock, Georgia, its officers, employees, servants, and agents from any and all manner of actions, causes of actions, claims and demands, damages, costs, suits, debts, accounts, promises, trespasses, judgments, expenses, and loss of service, both known or unknown, suspected or unsuspected, whatsoever in law or in equity, already sustained or that the undersigned may hereafter sustain, in consequence of or relating to the activity, from the beginning of time forward. I hereby declare that this release is being given voluntarily, and that no representations about the nature and extent of the said damages made by any attorney or agent of the party hereby released, nor any representations, regarding the nature and extent of legal liability or financial responsibility of the party hereby released, have induced me to enter into this release. The undersigned hereby acknowledges receipt of a copy of this release before signing it, and further represents that if he/she is signing in a representative capacity, he/she has the authority to do so on behalf of his principal and to bind that principal. This release shall be construed, interpreted and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of Georgia. Furthermore, this release constitutes the entire agreement between the parties relating to the subject matter hereof and supersedes all prior written and or oral agreements, understandings, or representations of the parties relating to the subject matter hereof and supersedes all prior written or oral agreements, understandings, or representations of the parties relating to the same subject matter.

  14. Signature:*

    By clicking the signature button, you are accepting the terms of the City of Woodstock, Georgia Release of All Claims.

  15. Thank you for completing the 2019 Christmas Jubilee Parade Application:

    Please print a copy of the application to retain as a reference for the rules, decorating and parade day protocol. Your form will be electronically submitted to the Parks and Recreation Department.

  16. Parade Announcement Form:

    Please visit our Special Events page to print the Parade Announcement Form, which you will need to complete and bring with you on parade day.

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