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Uniform Patrol




PDpatch17.jpgUniform Patrol Services performs general duty police work in the patrolling of assigned areas, protecting the public and enforcing the laws through arrest or other appropriate means.

Day Watch
5:45am - 6:00pm

Lieutenant R. Kline
    Day Watch Commander
    P) 770-592-6000 ext. 1104
    E) r

        Sergeant P. Gentile
        Alpha Shift Supervisor
        P) 770-592-6000 ext. 1110

        Sergeant R. Milligan
        Bravo Shift Supervisor / PIO
        P) 770-592-6000 ext. 1119

Night Watch
5:45pm - 6:00am

    Lieutenant M. O'Keefe
    Night Watch Commander
    P) 770-592-6000 ext. 1107
        Sergeant J. Cochran
        Charlie Shift Supervisor
        P) 770-592-6000 ext. 1167

        Sergeant R. Sinfelt
        Delta Shift Supervisor
        P) 770-592-6000