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On August 25th, 2014, the City of Woodstock adopted changes to the Ordinance and Fee Schedule in regards to the calculation of taxes for Standard Occupation License. These taxes will now be a percentage of the total gross receipts of the business. The changes to the Ordinance can be found here and the changes to the Fee Schedule can be found here in Section 2.4 (page 11).

Gross Receipts Fee Calculator - This is an excel spreadsheet that can assist you in determining your fee. If you do not have access to Excel, you may call our office at 770-592-6054 or come by and we can assist you in that calculation.

Business Class List - This is a complete list of all business class numbers. Using the first 4 digits of your NAICS code, you can determine the appropriate business class number necessary for proper fee calculation.

**Please be prepared to submit a copy of your  Tax Return in order to verify your gross receipt amount. All businesses that apply for a new business license will need to estimate their gross receipts for a year period for proper tax calculation. ***


Q: How do I know if I need a business license?

A: All business locations, commercial or home, within the city limits of Woodstock, are required to apply for and obtain a City of Woodstock Business License. Click here to check the location of your business. Enter the address in the "Street Address" section and hit Enter. If the "District" on the next page is listed as "City of Woodstock 007", you are located within the City limits.
Business Location.png

Q: How do I obtain a business license?

A: First, you will need to submit an application to our office. The application for commercial based businesses can be found here. The application for home based businesses can be found here. These applications give a good layout of the information and documentation we require for license approval. Certain specialty licenses may be required in addition to the standard business license (ie. Massage Establishment Licenses, Vehicle For Hire Licenses). Once the application is filled out and all necessary documentation is included you may bring it into our office or submitted by fax at 770-926-7820 or by email at .

Q: Where can I find my NAICS code?

A: If you are applying for your business license for the first time, you can visit www.naics.com/search/ to find one that best applies to your business. If you already have a business license, it is located on the third line of the left hand side of the license. See the image below for the location.
NAICS Code Location 2.png

Q: How can I pay for the license?

A: Payment for the license may be submitted in person by check, Visa or Mastercard, or exact cash. If you choose to email or fax in your renewal or new application you may include a credit card authorization form which can be found here.

Q: How / When do I renew my business license?

A: Business Licenses expire on December 31st of each year. In October, we will send out renewal letters with all information required for renewal. The renewal application can be filled out and submitted with payment via fax, email, mail, or in person in our office. If you are in need of another renewal application click here.

Q: How do I calculate my renewal tax?

A: The necessary tax is dependant on the type of license you hold. The breakdown of taxes are as follows:

•    Home Occupation License - $60.00

•    Professional License - $300.00 per practioner per location

•    Insurance Agency - $75.00

•    Standard Occupation License - This tax is based on the gross receipt amount of the business. You will need to determine your business class number from Table 2.4.1A on the City of Woodstock Fee Schedule Section 2.4. After determining your business class number, you will use the appropriate factor from Table 2.4.1B. In addition to this, there will be a final multiplier determined by the gross receipt bracket on Table 2.4.1C. Once you have all of these numbers for your business, follow the example below for proper calculation.

Ex: Business A has NAICS code 453998 and a Gross Receipt amount of $350,000.00. Business A is placed into Class 1 according to Table 2.4.1A and will therefore use a factor of .00030 according to Table 2.4.1B. Business A will assess a final multiplier of 1.05 according to Table 2.4.1C. This amount is added to the administration fee of $30.00. The occupational tax due is:

($350,000.00 x .00030) x 1.05 = $110.25 + $30.00 = $140.25