Water & Sewer Maintenance

Water & Sewer Maintenance

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The Water and Sewer Maintenance division is responsible for the following:
  • Round the clock assurance that water is supplied to the City's residential and commercial customers. 
  • Maintaining pump stations, water lines, and sewer lines.
  • Providing a continual flow of quality water to the residents of Woodstock.
  • Meeting or exceeding local, state, and federal requirements with our water product. 
  • Furnishing monthly meter readings to the Utility Billing division for timely and accurate billing to our residents.
  • Repairing water leaks occurring on the City's side of the system

Utility Billing

For information regarding establishing new service or for questions regarding your water/sewer bill, please contact the Utility Billing Office.


If you are experiencing a water outage, leak or sewer related emergency please call the following numbers:
During business hours call (770) 592-6006
After business hours call (770) 926-7871


The homeowner is responsible for the water lines which extend from the meter to the home. If a leak is located in this area, the owner should contact a plumber for repairs. A high water bill can indicate a leak or a misread meter.
To check on your own, you can perform the following tests:

Water Restrictions

Visit this page to learn more about the current water use restrictions.