Assistant City Manager Coty Thigpen is heading up Woodstock’s participation in the Georgia Municipal Association’s (GMA) 2020 Census Challenge to increase response rates within the city. The challenge began on July 13 and concludes on Aug. 28. As of August 5th, Woodstock’s self-response rate is 59.4%. 

“It is absolutely vital for the City of Woodstock to get the most accurate count possible,
 Thigpen said. “It will guide and shape everything we are able to do for the next decade. An accurate count will ensure we have access to the proper allocation of federal funding to help drive Woodstock’s future success.”

GMA provided each participating city with resources to help improve residents’ Census response rates.  Cities will be recognized for their achievement by GMA’s 12 districts based on the percentage increase of their response rate. The cities with the highest increase will be featured in Georgia’s Cities magazine and on GMA’s digital media platforms. 

“The importance of obtaining an accurate count for the 2020 Census cannot be overstated, as it will determine your city’s federal funding for the next 10 years,” said Holger Loewendorf, GMA research manager, “Do your part to make sure Every. One. Counts.” 

He also encouraged cities and residents to visit today for more information. 

Created in 1933, the Georgia Municipal Association is the only state organization that represents municipal governments in Georgia. Based in Atlanta, GMA is a voluntary, non-profit organization that provides legislative advocacy, educational, employee benefit and technical consulting services to its members. GMA currently represents 537 cities in Georgia.