Winter Weather Advisory
According to the National Weather Service Peachtree City, a bitterly cold airmass will impact our forecast area between Thursday, December 22nd and Christmas Day. A prolonged period of sub-freezing temperatures is possible. Gusty winds will likely make it feel 10 to 20 degrees colder than actual air temperatures and there is a potential for wintry precipitation Thursday into Friday. 

Prepare Now
Citizens and businesses should prepare for this winter weather event now to avoid potential property loss from frozen pipes in the coming days. Pipes that are exposed to extreme cold in unheated interiors like attics and basements as well as pipes that are located in exterior walls are at risk. Now is the time to check the insulation protecting pipes in unheated interior areas. Pipes in attics lacking adequate insulation not only damage plumbing when they freeze and burst, but often cause significant flooding damage in the rooms below when temperatures eventually rise. 

Take Steps To Protect Your Property
The American Red Cross recommends opening kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors to allow warmer air to circulate around plumbing. Allow cold water to drip from facets served by exposed pipes. Setting the thermostat to the same temperature at night as you do during the day may result in higher heating costs, but it could prevent expensive repairs from burst pipes. If you are traveling during this weather event, leave the heat on in your home while you are away. If your neighbors are away for the holiday and you notice water flowing from their home, notify Woodstock Fire & Rescue by calling 911. 

Stay Informed
Cherokee County Emergency Management has information for citizens about preparing for Winter Storms and Cold Weather. Enroll in CodeRED to subscribe to alerts about inclement weather in our area.