he City of Woodstock has announced that the two remaining events in the 2020 Woodstock Summer Concert Series must be postponed to the 2021 season due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The September 12th Black Jacket Symphony concert and the October 30th Rumours will not take place as scheduled. 

“We feel these changes are warranted due to the continuance of coronavirus cases in the area,” said Woodstock City Manager Jeff Moon. “It would be extremely difficult to ensure adequate social distancing in the Northside Hospital-Cherokee Amphitheater. Postponing these events to the 2021 season is necessary in order to comply with the limitations imposed on cities by the Governor’s current Executive Order." 

City staff is working to reschedule all five artists from the 2020 season to dates in the 2021 season. So far, Christopher Cross is confirmed for the opening concert in the 2021 season on May 8th and The Ultimate Queen Celebration is scheduled to take the stage at the Northside Hospital-Cherokee Amphitheater on June 12th.  

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