Citizen Request for Action

Citizen Request for Action



The Citizen Request for Action Program allows citizens and others to submit requests for assistance with matters relating to city services. We want to expedite the resolution to your request and provide a response as quickly as possible. 

Examples of reasons to submit a Citizen Request for Action (CRA) include: 
  • Code Enforcement issues like property violations such as overgrown lawns and garbage, inoperable/abandoned vehicles, illegal signage, etc.
  • Garbage and recycling complaints
  • Parks and trails maintenance issues
  • Public Works issues such as deceased animals, roadway drainage problems, potholes, problems with street lights/traffic lights, missing/damaged street signs, branches/landscape debris in the right of way, etc.
  • Water Utility issues such as non-emergency leaks, water meter repairs, water quality concerns, etc. 
Citizen Request for Action Form

You may also initiate a CRA by calling 770-592-6058 or emailing us at When leaving a voicemail, please be sure to leave a call back number.