Alcohol License



The City of Woodstock requires an alcohol license to be acquired by any person who wishes to sell or offer for sale at wholesale or retail any alcoholic beverage.

The application process for an alcohol license takes approximately 6 weeks to complete. You will need to complete the Alcohol Application and be accountable for reading the Alcoholic Beverages Ordinance on an annual basis. Please pay special attention to page 9 of the application. This page is a list of documents that need to be submitted with the application and actions that need to take place before the application can be submitted, including fingerprinting.

If you are awarded the City Alcohol License, you are required to file for a State Liquor License with the Georgia Department of Revenue, Alcohol Division PRIOR to buying your inventory, selling or serving. 

For training and information on selling and serving alcohol responsibly go to: 

Excise Taxes
Businesses who serve liquor for consumption on premises are required to pay a 3% tax on liquor sales monthly. This payment is due to the City on the 20th of each month for the sales during the previous month. Please use this the monthly Liquor Pouring form to submit your taxes.

Delinquent payments incur a late fee of 10% of the tax.

Alcohol License Renewal
Alcohol licensees are required to submit to a background check every year. If there are any changes of active manager or registered agent, please indicate the changes on the form. With the application, please submit a current copy of identification for the applicant with completed consent form.  A change to the Registered Agent requires an additional $100 fee.
Both the alcohol license and the occupational tax license need to be renewed separately.

Change of Ownership
If there will be a change of ownership of a business that holds an alcohol license, a new application must be filled out by the new owner. Please check the box that says "change of ownership."

The application and approval process for an alcohol license takes about 45 days, so it is advised to apply for the change of ownership 45 days prior to the sale of the business in order to have an active alcohol license for the business at all times. Since one of the required documents is a lease agreement for the business location, in cases of a change of ownership, the lease may be submitted after the license is approved, at the time the taxes are paid and the license is issued.

The application and advertisement fees ($700.00) are due at the time the application is submitted. When the license is approved by the city council, the yearly taxes will be assessed and prorated based on the month of the council meeting.