Renewal Information


Occupational Tax Licenses (business licenses) and specialty licenses must be renewed and required fees paid on an annual basis no later than January 1. Renewal forms can be downloaded from the Applications & Forms page linked below.


You will need to calculate your renewal fee based on the type of business that you are classified by your NAICS code and the Gross Receipts Calculator below.  First, look up your business class list using the first four digits of your NAICS code using the table 2.4.1A starting on page 12. This information is needed to input into the calculator.

Business Class List

The gross receipts calculator is an excel file that will download to your computer. Please contact our office for assistance in calculating your fee if you do not have access to excel.


**Please be prepared to submit proof of gross receipts for proper tax calculation fee amount.  All businesses that apply for a new business license will need to estimate their gross receipts for a year period for proper tax calculation. **  (Acceptable documentation:  Tax returns showing line item 1c, Profit & Loss Report, company generated gross receipt report or a letter from the company CPA)

Where can I find my NAICS code?

How can I pay for the license?

How / When do I renew my business license?

How do I calculate my renewal tax?