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On August 25th, 2014, the City of Woodstock adopted changes to the Ordinance and Fee Schedule in regards to the calculation of taxes for Standard Occupation License. These taxes will now be a percentage of the total gross receipts of the business. View the changes to the ordinances and the changes to the Fee Schedule in Section 2.4 (page 11).

Gross Receipts Fee Calculator - This is an excel spreadsheet that can assist you in determining your fee. If you do not have access to Excel, you may call our office at 770-592-6054 or come by and we can assist you in that calculation.

Business Class List - This is a complete list of all business class numbers. Using the first 4 digits of your NAICS code, you can determine the appropriate business class number necessary for proper fee calculation.

**Please be prepared to submit proof of gross receipts for proper tax calculation fee amount.  All businesses that apply for a new business license will need to estimate their gross receipts for a year period for proper tax calculation. **  (Acceptable documentation:  Tax returns showing line item 1c, Profit & Loss Report, company generated gross receipt report or a letter from the company CPA)

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