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Commercial and home-based businesses, who are located within the city limits of Woodstock, must register for a business license (occupational tax license) with our office.  To ensure that a business is legal and the location is safe for public use, a review process is conducted before the issuance of any license. This process takes approximately 15 business days.


If you are planning to open a new business in the City of Woodstock at a commercial location, you must file an occupational tax license application.  It is recommended that the applicant receive a zoning clearance to ensure the proposed use is allowed at the location being considered.  Non-profits wishing to locate with the city are required to obtain an occupational tax license. Documentation verifying tax exempt status must accompany the application.

Zoning Clearance/Verification Request


If you are planning to operate a home-based business, you must file the home occupational tax license information.


  • A completed application (includes two required notarized documents) **the licensing office can notorize these for you at no charge  when they are submitted in-person and with the appropriate identification.
    • SAVE Affidavit
      • This affidavit states that the applicant is legally eligible to receive a public benefit (a business license for example).
    • E-Verify Affidavit
      • There are two E-verify affidavits attached with each application. Currently under Georgia State law those businesses with 10 or more employees must register with the E-Verify program. The compliance affidavit must be completed if the business has more than 10 employees. Those businesses with 9 or fewer employees must complete the exempted affidavit.
      • E-Verify is a program that allows employers run new hires through the Department of Homeland Security's database to ensure that new employees are legally eligible to work in the United States.
  • North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code.
  • Business information
    • If the applicant is a Sole Proprietor the business name will be the applicant's full name.
    • If you want to use another name to do business, a DBA ("doing business as"), you will need to obtain a Trade Name Certificate from the Cherokee County Deeds and Records Office. A DBA is a name other than a Sole Proprietor's full name or a name other than what is registered with the Secretary of State.
    • Documents showing Corporation, LLC, or Partnership information that is filed with the Georgia Secretary of State.
  • Tax Identification Numbers
    • Federal Employer ID Number
      • If the applicant is a Sole Proprietor, the Federal Employer ID number will be the applicant's social security number unless he or she applies for a different number.
      • If you wish to apply for a FEIN please visit the IRS website to apply for a tax ID number.
    • Georgia Sales and Use Tax ID Number
      • If your business will be collecting sales tax you must apply for a Sales and Use Tax ID from the Georgia Department of Revenue.
  • If the applicant holds a professional state license we will need a copy of the the current year's license.
  • A copy of a secure and verifiable identification document. The following is a list of acceptable identification: United States Passport, United States Passport Card, United States Military ID, a Driver’s License or ID from one of the 50 states, Puerto Rico, Washington D.C., Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands, Northern Marianas Islands, American Samoa, and the Swain Islands, a tribal identification ID from a federally recognized Native American tribe, a United States Permanent Resident Card, an Alien Registration Receipt Card, an Employment Authorization Document, a passport of a foreign government, a Merchant Mariner Document, a Merchant Mariner Credential, a Free and Secure Trade (FAST) Card, a NEXUS Card, a Secure Electronic Network for Travelers Rapid Inspection (SENTRI) Card, a Canadian driver’s license, a United States Certificate of Citizenship, a United States Certificate of Naturalization, or any other document required to be accepted by a particular federal law. You cannot accept a Matricula Consular de Alta Seguridad card, matricula consular card, consular matriculation card, consular identification card, or any other similar card for identification purposes. This list of acceptable identification documents will be updated annually by the Attorney General and will be posted on the Department of Law website.
  • If the applicant is renting the business location we will need a copy of the signed lease agreement. If the applicant owns the business location we will need proof of ownership or a utility bill, property tax bill, bill of sale, etc.
  • Please provide the correct square footage of the business location. This will allow us to determine if the location has the correct number of restrooms and is ADA compliant.
  • Food service businesses must provide a copy of their Cherokee County Health inspection report.
  • According to City of Woodstock Fee Schedule Section 2.4.2, certain businesses are subject to a regulatory fee to be collected by the City of Woodstock at the time of Occupation Tax Renewal each year. Here is a list with the fees for all applicable businesses:
    • Garbage Collectors $250/year
    • Nursing/Personal Care $250/year
    • Hotels/Motels $250/year
    • Tattoo Artists $100/year
    • Burglar/Fire Alarm Installers $50/year
    • Hypnotists/Fortune Tellers $250/year
    • Appearance Bonds $100/year
    • Junk Dealers $500/year
    • Escort Services $500/year
    • Auto/Motorcycle Racing $500/year
    • Landfills $1,000/year
    • Fireworks Stand  $500/year (each stand)