Planning & Zoning

Planning & Zoning


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The Community Development Department’s Planning and Zoning Division is responsible for managing the current and long-term growth of the city through the administration of the zoning code and the comprehensive town plan. A public hearing may be initiated by an applicant in order to request an annexation, rezoning, variance, conditional use permit, or comprehensive plan amendment. The Planning and Zoning Division will administer the Public Hearing process, involving other departments when necessary based on the application, and present a recommendation to the Planning Commission and Mayor and City Council before which the application should appear.

Public Hearing Applications are required for all Annexation, Rezoning, Variance, Conditional Use Permit, and Condition Amendment requests. The Planning Department will accept only 4 new applications per application deadline each month. Applications that are not fully complete or are submitted after the deadline will not be accepted. All applications require a pre-application meeting with staff at least one week prior to submission deadline. All public hearings require a public input meeting, scheduled and held by the applicant.

Annexation: a public hearing process in which an applicant requests that an area of land is incorporated into the city of Woodstock. Land included in an annexation request must be contiguous to the existing city limits.

Condition Amendment: a public hearing process in which the applicant seeks to change the conditions of a previous zoning case applied to a property.

Conditional Use Permit (CUP): a public hearing process in which the applicant requests a use on a subject property that generally would not be appropriate throughout a zoning district but which, if controlled as to visual appearance, number, area, height, location, or relation to abutting or nearby uses, would not be injurious to the public, health, safety, welfare, morals, order, comfort, convenience, appearance or general welfare.

Rezoning: a public hearing process in which the zoning classification on a subject property is changed from one category to another in order to achieve desired uses and/or dimensional standards.

Variance: a public hearing process in which the applicant seeks relief from standards required by the city’s zoning ordinance and/or development regulations.

Administrative Variance: can be applied for when requesting: reduction of parking spaces or required pervious parking up to twenty (20) percent of the required number of spaces;  reduction of buffer and setbacks up to twenty (20) percent from the required buffer and setbacks; tree and landscaping up to twenty (20) percent of any tree or landscaping requirements; to relocate fences that are required either by code or as a condition of zoning in order to maximize the effectiveness of said fence in terms of privacy, safety and/or aesthetics; a sign no more than 25% larger than maximum permitted.