Platting A Residential Subdivision

A preliminary plat shows the design of a proposed subdivision and the existing conditions in and around the subdivision.  A preliminary plat does not need to be based on a detailed final survey of the property, except as deemed necessary by the City.  

Preliminary Plat Specifications          SUBMITTAL REQUIREMENTS & Fees 

A final plat establishes the division of property into separate parcels or tracts.  A final plat shows lot boundaries, street dedications, easements, and any other divisions of land.  Before a final plat is submitted to the Development Review Division, you must meet one (1) of the criteria outlined below:
    1.    No public improvements are required of the project.
    2.    Public improvements (that were approved in the preliminary plat) have been completed.  
    3.    All required surety has been posted with the Community Development Department.
    4.    All necessary improvements for access, utilities, and stormwater have been completed for the area defined by the final plat if they are to be maintained in part or total as private.  For additional information on this item, please see LDO Section 3.900 (Prerequisites to the Submission of a Final Plat).  

  Final Plat Specifications          SUBMITTAL REQUIREMENTS & Fees