Business Recruitment

Brian Stockton

Director of Economic Development
One Innovation Way Woodstock, GA 30188

Mayor Michael Caldwell has set a goal for the City of Woodstock to attract more small and mid-sized employers to our city, bringing higher-paying jobs that will support families who already call this place home.

There are a tremendous number of business owners who live in Woodstock, but own companies in surrounding areas. "It's time to bring those businesses home, to build a sustainable, anti-fragile, diversified economy here in our home city," says Mayor Caldwell. "It's time that we build a business community that will continue to enhance the sense of place for which our city is so well-known"

If you own a business outside Woodstock, it's time for you to work closer to home. The City of Woodstock is working to bring the physical footprint and infrastructure needed for you to headquarter here. For both new and existing Woodstock businesses, the Woodstock Office of Economic Development is intent on making sure out city, like our state, is number one for business. Our new business recruitment form is available online.

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