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Woodstock Fire Department

225 Arnold Mill Rad Woodstock, GA 30188


Though the area was settled in the early 1830s, the City of Woodstock was not established until 1897. The early settlers probably used bucket brigades as a means of fire protection. Records indicate an organized volunteer fire department was established in 1947. The department was located in the train depot at the corner of East Main Street and Arnold Mill Road. Volunteers were notified of a call by sirens that were located on opposite sides of the depot.

The department served an immediate area that was approximately two square miles. During this time the city had a hand drawn cart with a 50 gallon tank. This piece of equipment was kept at Hank Priest’s house, a volunteer at the time. In the early 1950s, the city purchased its first fire truck from a naval base in Florida. The truck was a 1941 Chevrolet with a front mount pump, and a capacity of 250 gallons.


Through the 1950s and on into the 1970s the department remained volunteer based. It wasn’t until the mid 1970s that the department received its first turnout gear. This gear was a gift from neighboring Cobb County. Woodstock and its Fire Department grew slowly until the completion of I-575 just west of the city. The economic growth brought about by the interstate prompted the city to begin hiring its first paid firefighters. The Fire Department also moved from the train depot to a metal structure on Arnold Mill Road. By 1986, the Fire Department had six paid fulltime firefighters and two engines. The department ran 300 calls in 1986. The city hired David Ray in 1987 to be the first paid chief.

The City of Woodstock experienced an explosion of growth in the late 1980s. The Woodstock Fire Department has also grown to better meet the needs of its citizens. The Fire Department achieved an ISO rating of 3 in 1993. In May 2001, the Fire Department moved into a state of the art facility at 225 Arnold Mill Road. This station replaced the metal structure that was built in 1985. The City of Woodstock opened its second station in July 2004.


We are always striving to increase the safety and well being of our citizens with activities like hydrant testing, preplans, training, and accurate record-keeping. These activities  directly affect our ISO rating. The Fire Department achieved an ISO rating of 1 effective April 1, 2015. We work hard to maintain the highest rating possible year to year.