Blasting Permit Checklist

  • A Blasting Permit must be obtained from the City of Woodstock’s Building Department prior to any blast taking place.
  • All blasting sited must meet the requirements of Georgia 120-3-10 along with any amendments.
  • The site is required to be inspected by a Fire Inspector from the Fire Marshal’s Office prior to blasting.
  • Blasting Permit Applications must be submitted to the permit office before inspections can be scheduled.
  • The following must be submitted along with the Blast Permit Application:
      1. Federal license (Level III Competency Card)
      2. State Fire Marshal Permit
      3. Certificate of Insurance
      4. Location map and directions
      5. 30 day Blasting permit fee $200.00
      6. Hold harmless letter to the City of Woodstock
  • Owner/occupants of occupied structures within 750’ of the blast must be notified of the blast in writing, 48 hours prior to the blast.
  • The blasting contractor must notify the City of Woodstock Building Department 24 hours prior to blasting. Notification shall be made by calling 770-592-6036. If the line is not answered, a message will serve as notification.
  • The City of Woodstock may require additional information.
  • Blasting Permit is valid for 30 days from the application approval date.
  • Inspectors may wait for up to 30 minutes beyond the scheduled blast time, before rescheduling the blast and charging a $25.00 re-inspect fee.
  • A re-inspection fee of $25.00 will be assessed in the event that an inspector arrives on site and the blast has been postponed or cancelled and the contractor did not call 770-592-6036 to notify the City of Woodstock that the blast has been cancelled or postponed.
  • Any re-inspection fees assessed to this permit must be paid to the permitting office prior to scheduling the next blast.
Blasting Permit Application