Fire Marshal

Bobby Stilson
12453 Hwy 92 Woodstock, GA 30188
770-592-6000 x 1842


We teach fire safety education programs and make public appearances to help people understand that they can, in many cases, prevent a fire from occurring by following a few simple rules. We also show them what to do in the event of a fire or medical emergency to lessen the chance for loss of life.

We perform pre-emergency fire planning on commercial occupancies in the city. Pre-planning tells the fire officer who to call in case there is a fire after hours and warns the responders about any hidden hazards that might hurt our firefighters. We perform life safety inspections in certain existing commercial occupancies. During these inspections fire personnel look for conditions that might cause a fire and/or prevent the safe exit in case of a fire.

The Fire Department must also inspect new construction projects in the city to insure that they meet all national, state, and local fire codes. These fire codes identify conditions that have historically caused fires or loss of life during a fire. Fire inspectors look at the plans prior to construction to insure compliance. Inspectors return during construction to make sure that the safety features (like sprinkler systems, etc.) are being installed correctly. In the third and final inspection, inspectors check to see that all protection features are operating as designed before the building is occupied.

Fire Inspections