Customer Service Standards


“The number one focus for the parks and recreation department as it relates to marketing is Customer Service. If every detail in these Recreation Planning Guidelines lacked some effort, but every participant left with an enjoyable and positive experience, then the program, event, or activity planned is a success.” - Michael D. Huffstetler, CPRE, Parks & Recreation Director

Customers served are participants, elected officials, volunteers, coworkers, people who call, email, communicate through social media, walk in the office, and visitors to parks, playgrounds, families who play on the fields, bike on the trails, see a flyer, visits the website, and anything in between, when this contact is made it is customer service. €‹Are facilities in great shape, clean, maintained, attractive? Customer service isn’t only actions, but also in the care of the facilities. It is the total experience.


You can expect the following standards of customer service when interacting with us:

Good Listeners.  We will:

  • Smile and greet you with, “Hello, may I help you?”
  • Listen with patience in order to clearly identify your needs.
  • Give you our full attention.
  • Be accessible through many communication channels such as the internet, phone, and office.
  • Ask for your input through surveys, comment cards, meetings, focus groups, and other techniques.

Respect and Courtesy.  We will:

  • Commit to serve you by providing accurate information in a timely and helpful manner.
  • Always dedicate ourselves to treating you with respect and courtesy.
  • Use your name when thanking you and finish conversations with “Have a great day!”

Quick Responses. We will:

  • Make every effort to answer questions and address concerns immediately if possible.
  • Respond to your phone calls by the end of the next business day.
  • Respond to your email messages and written correspondence within three business days.
  • Have current voicemail messages so you know when to expect a response or who to call for faster assistance.

Accessible Information. We will:

  • Make information accessible to the public in a variety of formats – flyers, guides, website, social media, and more.
  • Provide clear and accurate information in our publications.

Involvement. We will:

  • Involve customers and use their ideas and input.
  • Use a variety of techniques to find out what people are thinking about our services.
  • Work collaboratively with partners to improve our programs and services.

Woodstock Parks and Recreation staff is expected to:

  • Answer the phone promptly
  • Return calls quickly
  • Listen attentively
  • Be polite and professional
  • Be patient
  • Communicate to be understood, not just heard
  • Empathize and offer help
  • Ask questions until you are sure of what the customers wants, then restate their concern to them
  • Give the customer full attention
  • Work with customer to find solutions
  • Be creative, flexible, and cooperative
  • Give accurate answers and referrals
  • Give and get contact information to facilitate follow-up