Auxiliary Unit

Neighborhood Services
Ofc. J. Willingham
(770) 592-6030 Ext. 1172
The Auxiliary Unit is a program which provides support and resources for community members who wish to volunteer their time and skills with the City of Woodstock Police Department.


Law enforcement volunteer programs are not designed to replace sworn or civilian personnel. Rather, volunteers are used to supplement and enhance existing or envisioned functions to allow law enforcement professionals to do their job in the most effective manner. Volunteers can provide innumerable benefits to a law enforcement agency. They can help enhance public safety and services, maximize existing resources, and create valuable ties between law enforcement and members of the community. Investing in a volunteer program can help sworn and civilian employees fulfill their primary functions and provide services that may not otherwise be offered.


The Auxiliary Unit assists in many areas within the City of Woodstock Police Department. Duties range in administrative support, clerical support, translation services and special event support.