Commendations & Complaints

Woodstock Police Department

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The reputation and efficiency of the police department is measured by the confidence the community has in the leadership and employees who deliver law enforcement services. We believe strongly in achieving our mission by recognizing exemplary actions of our employees and by identifying and investigating those who do not uphold our ideals.


An honorable form of recognition for a police officer is to receive a compliment from a citizen whose life has been changed, in a positive direction, by the officer. With this in mind the City of Woodstock Police Department encourages commendations for personnel who perform their duties admirably.

Commendations from citizens can consist of an appreciative phone call to the officer's supervisor or a letter of appreciation. A letter of appreciation is the most common form of recognition. Letters should describe the location and the events of the incident along with the officers name and badge number (if available). In all cases, the officer and his or her supervisor are made aware of the outstanding performance and a copy of the recognition is placed in the employee's personnel file.


It is the policy of the City of Woodstock Police Department to investigate all allegations and complaints of misconduct against any member of the police department. Adherence to this policy assists us in identifying practices or procedures in need of revision and training required by our personnel.


Upon receiving a complaint against a City of Woodstock police officer the City of Woodstock Police Department follows a series of steps to ensure the allegation is thoroughly reviewed.

  1. Filed into a category
    1. Violation of departmental policy or procedure
    2. Violation of Georgia State or Federal law
    3. Misconduct
  2. Investigation findings are reviewed by the Chief of Police and Assistant Chief and categorized:
    1. Sustained – The complaint is valid and there is sufficient evidence to prove a violation of policy, procedure or law.
    2. Not Sustained – The complaint is valid but there is insufficient evidence to prove a violation of policy, procedure or law.
    3. Unfounded – The complaint lacks sufficient merit to proceed.
    4. No Violation – There is no violation of policy, procedure or law.