Vehicle Release

Records Division

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Vehicles may be towed for various reasons by the City of Woodstock Police Department. If your unaware of why your vehicle was towed please contact the Woodstock Police Department to assist you in determining if your vehicle has been relocated due to illegal parking, abandonment, street hazard, incident to arrest, or crash.

The Woodstock Police Department generally does not impound vehicles from private property. Property owners are allowed to remove illegibly or improperly parked vehicles from their property as long as state law and city ordinance is followed. 

Many times we find that vehicles that are reported stolen have actually been repossessed. Please contact Cherokee county 911 at (678) 493-4080 and ask if your vehicle is on the repo log. If not please contact your lender to verify a repossession order was not placed.


All vehicles impounded by the Woodstock Police Department are taken to Mauldin Towing. 
Mauldin Towing - South Location
105 Neese Farm Dr
Woodstock, GA 30188
Phone (770) 762-5479


  • Current vehicle registration certificate
  • Registered Owner's Valid driver's license
  • Proof of current, valid vehicle insurance


All towing fees are set by Cherokee County and are paid directly to Mauldin Towing. All fees are subject to change through Cherokee County without notice.
Cash or certified check only


Vehicles may only be released to the registered owners or their authorized representatives. In order to be considered an authorized representative for the vehicle's owner, you must have authorization in writing, with the notarized signature of the registered owner. All authorization in writing must be originals. No copies will be accepted.


What if the vehicle registration and insurance are in the vehicle?

You will need to go to Mauldin Towing – South Location with the registered owner’s valid ID or drivers license to gain access to the vehicle to obtain your paperwork.  

What if my registration or insurance isn’t valid?

If you do not have valid registration or insurance, then the vehicle will be released to the registered owner as a “tow only”. A “tow only” release allows you to have the vehicle towed (at your expense) to the location of your choosing.

What if my license isn’t valid?

If your license isn’t valid, you must bring a licensed driver with you when you pick up the vehicle. A copy of their license will be collected. The vehicle will be released to the registered owner but must be driven off the lot by the licensed driver.

What if the officer confiscated my license?

If the officer confiscated your license, you may bring your copy of the license suspension paperwork in lieu of your license.

I am not the registered owner of the vehicle. Can I pick up a vehicle on behalf of the registered owner?

Yes. The registered owner can authorize someone else to pick up the vehicle by filling out an impound release authorization form. The form must be notarized. This form can be obtained by e-mailing Woodstock Police Department Records Department at

The authorized party will then bring the completed authorization form, their driver’s license, the vehicle registration, and proof of valid insurance to the Mauldin Towing – South Location to take possession the vehicle.

What if I just purchased my vehicle and it’s not yet registered?

Per state law: “Georgia residents who have purchased a vehicle from another individual must register it with 7 business days from the date of purchase.”.

If you are within the 7-day window of purchase, then you may bring in the bill of sale AND the title in lieu of the registration.

What if I’m a new Georgia resident and my vehicle hasn’t been registered?

Per state law:  “New residents should register their vehicle no more than 30 days from the date they move to Georgia.”

If you are within the 30-day window of moving to Georgia, then you may bring the vehicle’s current, out-of-state registration in lieu of a Georgia registration.

I am a repo company or the lien holder for the vehicle. What paperwork do I need to bring to get the release form?

  • Writ of Repossession
  • Hold Harmless Letter for Mauldin Towing
  • Original Title (a notarized electronic version will also be accepted).
  • Letter on company letterhead detailing the vehicle information and the name of the person authorized to pick it up.
  • Driver’s license of the person authorized to pick it up
  • Fleet insurance card
    • Only required if the vehicle will be driven off the lot.
    • No insurance card is required if the vehicle will be towed off the lot.

My vehicle isn’t registered is because it needs an emissions check, but I can’t get the emissions check if it’s stuck in the impound lot. What now?

The registered owner may provide a copy of the invalid registration with their ID to have the vehicle released as a “tow only.” You may then have it towed (at your expense) to any emissions location of your choosing.

If the vehicle was never registered due to an emissions issue, then the owner must provide the title, bill of sale, and their ID to have it released as a “tow only”. You may then have it towed (at your expense) to any emissions location of your choosing.