Rain Barrels


With the spring season here, it is time to start thinking about watering our lawns and gardens. It is truly hard to predict what kind of weather patterns we will have this summer, and how they will affect our water supply. Although the recent rainfall has helped, Georgia remains in a drought. Now is the time to prepare for the hot summer months and begin whatever we can do to conserve water.


By collecting rain water, one can save energy, water, and money. Just think what could happen in Woodstock alone, if we used collected rain water for our outside watering needs instead of drinking water. You’ll be surprised at how much drips from your air conditioner, and how much you catch in a rain barrel under your downspouts.


A suggestion for collecting rain water is a rain barrel. A rain barrel is a rain water harvesting system that is connected to a downspout from a house or building. Rain barrels also help reduce erosion and storm water runoff and encourage infiltration.


Plants respond well to rain water when compared with well or treated water. It isn’t surprising since rain water contains no dissolved minerals, chlorine or fluoride. It is nature’s ideal water source for all landscape needs.


How do I set up a rain barrel system? There are two main options; purchase pre-made rain barrels through your local garden store or through an online source or be creative and design your own.


While harvesting and reusing rain water is very simple, there are also some safety concerns. First of all, no one should ever use an open, unscreened container. Both children and animals can drown in as little as a few inches of collected water.