HUB Transformation Project


The City of Woodstock announced September 2nd that the construction award for the Hub Transformation Project has been awarded to Baldwin Paving. The traffic improvement project encompasses several smaller improvements throughout the downtown area that, when finished, will significantly improve traffic movements and dramatically improve pedestrian mobility throughout the central business district.

One of the largest changes the public will see as part of this project is the conversion of Mill Street back to a two-way street which will improve efficiencies of local grid streets to allow vehicular access west without having to use Main Street. The intersection of Mill Street at Towne Lake Parkway will be converted to a roundabout to allow a continuous flow of traffic through that intersection. The other significant change will be the addition of a left turn lane at the intersection of Towne Lake Parkway westbound onto Main Street northbound.

"We believe the Hub Transformation Project will be one of the most significant projects the city has been involved in to reduce congestion and improve efficiencies for traffic in the downtown area” states Rob Hogan, Asst City Manager for Public Works, “The culmination of the three smaller projects will improve seven streets and six intersections while major construction is concentrated at two points.”

The project is funded by a Georgia Transportation Infrastructure Bank (GTIB) grant. While the total construction timeline is approximately a year, the work will be completed in phases to lessen the impact on the area. The groundbreaking ceremony for the project will take place on Monday September 27th at 6 PM at the northwest corner of Towne Lake Parkway and Main Street.

HUB Transformation Project Plan