Public Works

Jeremy Parker



The City of Woodstock's Public Works Department fulfills a critical role in shaping, maintaining, and overseeing the fabric in which all residents and guests of Woodstock live, work, and play. Underneath the umbrella of Public Works the city has placed the responsibility of the purchase and sale of public water, the processing of waste water, maintenance of all city owned water and sewer systems, street and public right of way maintenance, public storm water facilities maintenance, management of the regulated environment, engineering design of all city infrastructure, and oversight of the city's capital improvement projects.

Our mission is to provide excellent customer service so that the citizens of Woodstock will have confidence that they are receiving the most and highest quality from their local government. Many of the trucks you see around Woodstock with the city seal on the door are Public Works staff covering the tasks necessary to provide the citizens of Woodstock with the best services possible. 


The following presentation provides a current overview of infrastructure projects in planning or under construction within the City of Woodstock. 

Public Works Projects