Proclamation Request

Deputy City Clerk

Cassandra Henry
12453 Hwy 92 Woodstock, GA 30188

Proclamations are ceremonial documents signed by the Mayor, Mayor Pro Tem or Mayor and Council.

Proclamations are generally issued for:

  • Public awareness campaigns 
  • Nonprofit organizations 
  •  Arts and cultural celebrations within the City of Woodstock 
  •  Special honors (on recommendation of the Mayor and/or members of the City Council) 
  •  Birthdays (ages 90, 95 and 100+) 

Proclamations will not be issued for:

  • Matters of political controversy, ideological or religious beliefs, or individual convictions 
  •  Events or organizations with no direct relationship to the City of Woodstock 
  •  Campaigns or events contrary to City policies 

Special Notes:

  • The Woodstock Mayor or City Council reserves the right to modify or deny any proclamation request. 
  •  An organization may request only one proclamation annually, however, more than one cause may be proclaimed simultaneously. 
  •  An organization or individual does not have exclusive rights to the day, week, or month of their proclamation. 
  •  When proclamation criteria are not met, an official letter may be issued.
Requesting a Proclamation:

  • Only City of Woodstock residents or organizations that do work within the City are permitted to request proclamations. 
  •  Requests must be made one month (30 days) prior to the proclamation’s date. 
  •  Requests must be submitted by a City of Woodstock resident or business owner or organization that does work within the City Limits of Woodstock and have the sponsorship of a City Council representative. 
  •  Requests must not duplicate other similar requests. 

Proclamation Request Form

All requests must be made in writing using this form. The body of a proclamation (“whereas” sections) is limited to 150 words and 5 “whereas” sections. In some cases, the content of the proclamation may be required from the requestor prior to consideration

Requester Information

Pertinent Dates

Note: All requests MUST be received at least ONE MONTH (30 days) prior to the printing deadline.

Note: You MUST get prior approval from the Mayor or from a City Council Member before submitting your request form. The City Clerk’s Office will verify proof of sponsorship prior to submitting your Proclamation for signature.


Address (if mailed):

(Note: Proclamations may be picked up at the Woodstock City Annex)

Please complete the following sections with the information you would like included in the proclamation. These will be the “Whereas” sections of the Proclamation. Example: "WHEREAS, On June 20, 1920, Mr. Joe B. Long was born in Woodstock, Georgia to Mr. Isaac C. and Mrs. Shelly L. Long; and"