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Woodstock NEXT

Woodstock ranks among the largest cities in Georgia and still delivers that know-it-when-you-feel-it feeling of home. Our city is economically robust, artistically vibrant, and the sought-after home of go-getters and dreamers throughout the region. caldwells main street - Copy

What’s next? Woodstock is a challenger brand; a bold, collaborative, and authentic city. We are Alpharetta’s Hot Cousin and the arts capital of north Georgia. We’re the railroad stop from the 1800’s and now the largest city in Georgia’s 7th largest county. 

We are calling on dreamers and job creators from across our region to build their businesses here.

We are engaging the largest wealth generating mechanism in human history - home ownership - to create a strong future and a financially free people.

We are raising up best-in-class parks and cutting-edge infrastructure to ensure the quality of life in Woodstock remains unrivaled. 

We are a city that does not stop at reflecting on the state of our city but leans forward to imagine the state of our children’s city. We are relentlessly, boldly pursuing what’s next in the story of our home.

From infrastructure and parks to jobs and housing, we can step up in moments that matter because our city remains fiscally responsible and financially stable. Years of fiscally prudent public policy from our City Council and city management allowed Woodstock to avoid a property tax increase in 2023 unlike almost every other local government in Georgia.woman manufacturing goods 

While maintaining historically low tax rates, our city has more than doubled our unassigned general fund balance in the last two years. These are stellar fiscal outcomes that resulted in a truly extraordinary win when both Moody’s and S&P increased Woodstock’s credit rating to Aa1 and AA+ in December 2023. According to the credit agencies, improving economic metrics, sustained reserve levels, and an improving debt profile were just a few of the positive indicators that make the financial world bullish on Woodstock. Our city now sits just one level shy of having a perfect credit rating, which represents real savings for our taxpayers and exemplifies excellent financial stewardship.

This incredible narrative began long before us, and it will undoubtedly live beyond us. The decisions we make and the stories we tell will shape this place for those who come after, and our bold, collaborative, authentic City Unexpected will surely rise to the challenge. Our city is well positioned to address major issues that truly matter.

As we claim our wins and look to the future, there is but one question we ask: What’s next? Let's talk about locating your business in Woodstock.