The City of Woodstock is asking locals to dream big! Public art can celebrate and make visible our aspirations, values and heritage. It can give expression to the many directions that make our communities and can characterize our sense of place. Public art can be used to activate public space and invigorate communities. Thoughtfully implemented public art can offer cultural meaning to Woodstock and convey its spirit and energy to itself and our visitors.

Our plan will create a roadmap for how we begin to activate our many communities to implement and enjoy public art while also celebrating Woodstock’s spirit and artistic expressions. Specifically, the plan will address our public art process and identify sustainable funding models for consideration.

Public art provides meaning to our public spaces, reflects our history, current conditions and the aspirations of our city. It adds uniqueness to our neighborhoods, and humanizes our built environment. Public art provides the intersection between our past, present, and future, and also has the power to elevate and unite our city through its unique ability to create gains in social, economic, and cultural value.

We invite you to fill out our survey at and, if you’re able to, please join us at our upcoming Public Art Happy Hour at Reformation Brewery on July 13th from 4:30 - 7:30! We look forward to your input and are excited for this next chapter in Woodstock’s public art!