Citizen Board Appointments

Are you interested in serving on a board, commission, or authority of the City of Woodstock? Citizens are appointed by the City Council to serve terms of office on a board, a commission, or an authority according to ordinances found in Woodstock Municipal Code Section 3.13. Citizen appointees must execute and file an oath with the Clerk of the City. 

Woodstock's Construction Board of Appeals consists of seven members and two alternates. Members must reside in the City or be employed by a business registered within the City. Knowledge and experience in the technical codes is required. Members are appointed by the Mayor and Council for an appointment of four years. 

Woodstock Downtown Development Authority consists of seven directors, one appointed by the Mayor and each member of Council. Each of whom is a taxpayer in the City, residing in the City. No less than four of the directors must represent a party who has an economic interest in the redevelopment and revitalization of the downtown development area. Directors serve for six-year staggered terms. 

The Board of Ethics of the City of Woodstock is made up of seven registered voters. Three qualified registered voters shall be appointed by Mayor and two by each member of Council to make up a pool of 15 who will be available for a period of the term of their appointer. The Board of Ethics holds hearings and hears complaints regarding violations of the City's Code of Ethics. 

Woodstock's Parks and Recreation Advisory Board consists of eight individuals who are residents of the City of Woodstock. There are two appointees by the Mayor and one for each ward. Terms are concurrent with the term of the appointer. The board assists and recommend to staff and council the location and development of all parks and trails in Woodstock as well as the development and expansion of activities programming while informing and educating the public about the importance and need of programs, facilities, and services. 

Woodstock Planning Commission administers and enforces the City of Woodstock Land Development Ordinance. The commission consists of seven members, one appointed by the Mayor and each member of Council from within their ward. Appointees must be residents of the City and cannot hold any other public office; the cannot be employees of the City.