Referendum on Woodstock Parks Bond Investment

By Mayor Michael Caldwell

In November’s municipal election this year, voters in the City of Woodstock will be asked to make the decision on whether or not to make the largest single investment in our parks and trails in our history. The City Council approved a resolution which asks the voters to decide on a $24 million bond opportunity to complete Little River Park and expand the city’s trail networks.

Much of the City of Woodstock’s success over the past three decades can be attributed to the excellent recreational offerings present in the city. Our current offerings range from the 50+ acre Dupree Park just a short distance from the center of town offering playgrounds, walking trails and sports fields to Woofstock Dog Park along our amazing trail system. The mountain biking trails within our city at Olde Rope Mill Park and just outside at Blankets Creek rank among the most utilized in the nation. Our multi-use trail system is expanding throughout the city, with the most frequented portion being the Noonday Creek Trail starting next to Reformation Brewery down to Highway 92 and westward into Towne Lake. We have already acquired the right of way and funding to extend the southern portion of this segment into Cobb County to connect with their extensive trail system, which will tie Woodstock’s trails all the way into the Silver Comet Trail, into Atlanta, and beyond.

As the voters look to their decision on November 7th, the investment before them would include expediting the completion of Little River Park, a best-in-class 106 acre offering. This will be our largest park offering and comprises nearly half of the city-owned green space in our 13 square mile city. Extending from Trickum Road down to the Woodlands, the park is proposed to offer paddle launches, boardwalks, treehouses and viewing platforms, disc golf, dog park space, picnic areas and an incredible nature experience. Of course, the trail system will extend throughout the length of the park creating significant east/west connectivity for this important recreational asset and an alternative transportation option.

The investment would also include expanding the city’s robust pedestrian and bike trail system network throughout the city as well. Included expansions would range from Rubes Creek trail connectors, expansions in the Arnold Mill and Neese Road corridors, an envisioned Buckhead Crossing boardwalk and more. Lastly, the city would be investing in park improvements to existing assets throughout the city limits.

The decision on whether or not to invest in these new recreational offerings for our city is yours. As you approach November 7, if you have any questions regarding these projects or any of the others, please feel free to reach out to me or directly to our Parks and Recreation Department. As always, thank you for the honor of serving you and our city!