Provide Input for Connect the Creeks

Connect the Creeks is an ongoing project in the City of Woodstock to develop and implement a greenway loop between the existing Noonday Creek Trail and the Rubes Creek Trail. Along with this main pathway, the City is also planning to create several smaller connector paths within the Greenprints Trail System. These new trails will turn Woodstock into a more walkable neighborhood and encourage healthier and environmentally-friendly lifestyles. Rather than taking a vehicle, people will be able to walk or ride a bicycle between the various locations on these pathways and that will help decrease traffic in the surrounding area. 

Different types of trails, such as concrete, woodchips, asphalt, and boardwalks are a few of the possible pathways that Connect the Creeks is looking to bring to Woodstock. Plans will potentially include linear parks and spaces that offer opportunities for both passive and active recreation. These pocket parks would be located along the trails, and may include seating areas, public art installations, play structures, and other inspiring elements. To see renderings of future trails and elements that they may include, explore the Connect the Creeks website,

Such aesthetic pathways not only offer the chance to connect with nature and embrace a healthier lifestyle, but also help build a sense of community. Get ready to lace up your hiking shoes, pump up those bike tires, and explore Woodstock’s Greenprints Trail System. If you would like to learn more about Connect the Creeks Initiative and its plans for the future, visit Hope to see you out on the trails! 

The Connect the Creeks initiative is also looking for feedback before Phase 2 of the project begins. To share your ideas and suggestions, please visit  Public Engagement | Connect the Creeks - City of Woodstock | Gresham Smith to complete the feedback survey.