As falling leaves begin to paint your yard in hues of red, yellow, and orange, the enchanting beauty of the fall season also brings the somewhat tedious task of gathering the hundreds of leaves that now cover your outdoor space. It is important to dispose of these leaves in the proper mindful way.

Several responsible methods for to dispose of your leaves include:

  • Placing leaves in designated trash bags for collection by the local waste management service

  • Composting your leaves

  • Using a lawn mower to mulch over fallen leaves in your yard, allowing them to decompose quicker

Regardless of what you decide to do, it is imperative to ensure that leaves are kept clear of streets and sewers. According to the Woodstock City Ordinance Codes in Sec. 58-73, “no person shall throw, drain, or otherwise discharge into the city's Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System anything other than stormwater.” This includes all the leaves in your surrounding area. The decomposition of leaves within our water systems, which lead to local watersheds and streams, could harm organisms living in those environments.

Stormwater Management