At the Regular Meeting of Mayor and Council on Monday, January 8, 2024, Woodstock Mayor Michael Caldwell read a resolution appointing Administrative Services Director Robyn Adams as City Clerk effective January 11, 2024. City Council adopted the resolution by a 6-0 vote.  

In Woodstock, the City Clerk is a charter role appointed by the City Council. The City Clerk keeps records of the proceedings of the City Council and maintains all records and documents pertaining to the affairs of the city. Deputy City Manager Coty Thigpen has served as Interim City Clerk since Woodstock City Council appointed her to the role effective August 14, 2023. In accordance with the city charter, the city council named and confirmed the appointment of a Robyn Adams as successor of that appointment.  

Robyn joined the City of Woodstock in January 2023 as Manager of Grants and Administrative Services. Her new title will be City Clerk/Administrative Services Director. As Administrative Services Director, Robyn supervises the work of the Deputy City Clerk, the Grants Manager, Municipal Court Services, and Utility Billing.  

“City Clerk is a vitally important role and the City Clerk keeps the story of the city,” Mayor Michael Caldwell said about the appointment. “Thank you, Robyn, for serving our city so well and for serving in this new role for all of us.” 

City Clerk Appointment - Copy