Parks Bond Update

Voters approved a trails and parks bond referendum in the November 7th election. At the November 13th Regular Meeting of Mayor and Council, City Manager Jeff Moon presented the timing for the nine projects included in the referendum divided into two phases. According to Moon, "The decision to include the exact projects in the referendum paid off with huge dividends. I've already received calls from other cities about parks bonds and my advice to them was to tell the voters what you are going to do with the money." 

City Management needed to allow the Finance Department to get through the bond issue for the downtown parking deck and the City's annual audit in the fourth quarter of 2023. In the first quarter of 2024, the City will move forward with the bond issue for these projects. Phase one projects have almost all of the right of way required, have approved concept plans, and can move forward with actual construction quicker. Phase two projects can run concurrent, but require engineering and other preparations before going to construction.

Parks Bond Chart
Rope Mill/Blankets Creek Mountain Bike Trails will be Phase 2 because the project requires coordination with the US Corps of Engineers and thus more time, effort, and planning.

The Little River Park Connector will connect the future Little River Park to downtown Woodstock via trail. The City has identified possible routes and cost estimates and will issue an RFQ for engineering services for the design as part of Phase 2.

The Rubes Creek Connectors are both included in Phase 1 because the City has approved concept plans and has acquired all but one piece of the right of way needed. City Manager Moon said at the November 13th meeting that he had already asked Clark Patterson Lee to submit a proposal to take the approved concept documents to full construction documents.

The water trail to connect the future Little River Park with Olde Rope Mill Park via canoes, kayaks, and paddle boards will be a Phase 2 project. The city has asked the firm designing Little River Park to submit a proposal on this project.

The Neese Road Connector project will connect trails to be installed along Neese Road as part of a roadwork project approved at the November 13 meeting to the downtown trails in Phase 2 of the parks bond. Design of these trails has not yet been completed.

The Buckhead Crossing Boardwalk is a project that Cherokee County has committed to completing the engineering which is currently in progress. The boardwalk is entirely on county or school system property. Since there is no right-of-way acquisition involved, this project can take place in Phase 1. The project will connect Buckhead Crossing to Woodstock's existing trail and cross over Noonday Creek. 

Phase 2 and Phase 3 of Little River Park will take place in Phase 1 of the Parks Bond. Woodstock City Council has awarded the contract for the project and the designer of the master plan is working on construction documents for Phase 1. Once received, the City can take Phase 1 of Little River Park out to bid. City Management has asked the designer for a proposal for construction documents for Phase 2 and Phase 3 of Little River Park. Those phases can go to bid together. City Management is hopeful that all three phases will be under construction at the same time. 

Five of the Parks Bond projects fall under Phase 1; four projects fall under Phase 2. Future updates regarding Parks Bond projects will be posted at