At the November 28th Regular Meeting of Mayor and Council, Woodstock City Council members unanimously approved a $3.5 million dollar contract with Winter Construction for the first phase of public infrastructure for the Woodstock City Center project. The construction contract includes an extension of Chambers Street from Wheeler Street to Arnold Mill Road and the associated closure of East Main Street. It also includes significant sitework to include underground detention facilities and grading for greenspace anticipated to be part of the future development.

“This portion of the project would be constructed whether the future private development moves forward or not. It will modernize the entrance to the commercial district on Chambers Street by replacing the current East Main Street interchange, so we are excited to get this project kicked off,” City Manager Jeff Moon told the council. “The contractor provided us an option to save time and money on the project by allowing them to close East Main Street and staff recommends that you consider approving that option that will shorten construction time and reduce the cost by three hundred thousand dollars.”

The allowed closure would reduce the contract to $3.2 million and is anticipated to reduce the project time to around 5 months. After consideration, City Council voted to move forward with the allowed closure, breaking ground in March 2023 with anticipated completion in September 2023.

“When I took office earlier this year, I challenged staff to get this project moving and I am excited to see this step taken this evening,” stated Mayor Michael Caldwell.

The development team recently initiated design activities for the parking deck which will be the phase two of public infrastructure for Woodstock City Center anticipated to begin in late 2023.